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Rise of Hope have a Great Mission to Reach every Human beings those Who are in need.We have started from Rajasthan region where we found some families, Childrens & some School students those who are in need of Food, Clothes and Books.We Help them with their some needs and also Teach them with their Rights and also about their Lifestyle. For this We Contribute Funds from freinds, Colleagues ,some Local politicians and Local authorthies. Special thanks to all those Who participate in Contribution to this Organisation. I request to all those who wants to contribute Please Contact us and help those Who are in need. Your small contribution can make smile on them.


Hard Work


Pure Love


Smart Ideas


Good Decisions

Your Most Welocme in RH-NGO

Rise of hope
Rise of Hope enhance the life of helpless people to improve their condition and to create better lifestyle for a happy & prosperous life..


We love to help all the children that have problems in the world.Gradually we are Moving towards our goal....

Raise Hands for Beutiful Life..........

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